Aerodrome Club

Situated at the interface between airside and landside, the Aerodrome Club combines the offices and classrooms of a flying school alongside a reception area, café and members lounge.

Upon approach, the building presents itself as a sleek, low lying sculpture with a single doorway. Entering the building dramatically reveals a panoramic view of the airfield and a rigorous, open plan interior made of concrete, glass and plywood. At the northern and southern ends, the louvred plane of the roof oversails the building’s concrete plinth to provide sheltered, external terraces. Flanking these areas are two identical stairs leading up to the roof deck; an expansive viewing platform overlooking the airfield.

Inspired by the simplicity of early aviation architecture, the Aerodrome Club is conceived as a utilitarian but bold structure, simple and yet meticulously detailed and with a confidence and optimism that speaks of the golden era of aviation and flight.

London, UK
State of Craft